Communication and Collaboration

Find innovative ways to facilitate collaboration through voice, video, screen sharing, and file sharing.
EvoPhone PBX

EvoPhone® Solution

IP PBX solution for Call centers, IVR, Cloud messaging, Web RTC and other Enterprise grade communication use cases.

Efficient solution for voice, messaging, and real-time communication needs.
Bundle with features that enable digital telecommunication.
Disruptive Software-Defined Telecom Stack with low cost of ownership.

Collaboration Tools

Video communication tools bundle with collaborative and project management applications.

Video Conferencing
Content Collaboration and Editing
Web-based Project Management Tools
File sharing
Collaboration Solutions

Technology Use Cases

Our telco-cloud solutions aim to be disruptive while enabling versatility in solving various tele-communication use cases.
Cloud Messaging
Programmable SMS
SMS Marketing
Appointment Reminders
2FA Authentication
Voicemail Notifications
Cloud Voice
Advanced IVR
Click to Call
Call Centers
AI Voice Agents
Digital telephony
Cloud Video
Remote Work
Remote Learning
Patient Consultation
Technical Support
Video Conferencing
Cloud Collaboration
File Sync and Share
Online Content Collaboration
Groupware Solutions
Integrated Chat, Voice, File Sharing

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