Enterprise Private Cloud

Easily store, manage, and share compute resources using Geant Technology's turnkey, state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure hosted on your premises.
EvoCloud Layers

EvoCloud® Compute Infrastructure

Our EvoCloud® solution provides fault tolerant and fully redundant hardware to ensure your business critical applications can run smoothly and on-premise.

Reliable and redundant built-in hardware.
Embedded cloud applications for Authentication, Monitoring, Security, Business Apps, and more...
High specifications: ECC RAMs, SSD Drives, Fast CPUs, RAID Controllers.

EvoCloud® Storage Solution

Cloud, NAS, and File system storage, generally used for backups, cloud object storage and provisioning, block storage, and more.

RADOS object-based storage system
ZFS or GlusterFS data servers
Rockstor BTRFS powered advanced NAS and Cloud storage
OpenVaultMedia NAS Storage Solution

Technology Use Cases

EvoCloud® provides enterprise compute and storage solutions engineered to help businesses host their cloud applications.
Private IaaS
OpenStack Virtualization Cluster
Proxmox Virtualization Cluster
Rancher Container Cluster
Kubernetes Container Cluster
Private SaaS
Business Intelligence Tools
Enginering Modeling Tools
Computed Assisted Development Tools
Dedicated Virtual Desktop
Private Storage
Object Storage Solutions
Block Storage Solutions
Filesystem Storage Solution
Backups and Data Deduplication
Network Attached Storage Solution
Storage Solution for Cloud Infrastructure
Private PaaS
Embedded Cloud Applications for Remote Work
Embedded Cloud Applications for Collaboration
Embedded Cloud Applications for Identity Management
Embedded Cloud Applications for Call Centers
Embedded Custom Applications Deployment

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