Microservices and DevOps

Microservice architecture helps deliver agile and scalable software that can run on elastic resources. But a successful migration from monolithic requires more than just a new architectural pattern.

Benefits Moving to Microservices

Embracing Microservices help deliver software products that are independently scalable, manageable and decentralized.
Consulting on Design Principles

We provide expert consulting services to help Enterprises move from the monolithic architectural style, to microservices which provide greater agility, operational efficiency and improve time to market.

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Architectural Conversion

Loosely coupled service components, decentralized data plane, increased availability, fault isolation and resilience are the things we consider when migrating your applications to microservices.

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Microservices and DevOps

Continuous delivery and DevOps automation help team's remain iterative throughout their development process and mitigate the risk of software defects and bugs.

DevOps Consulting

We can work directly with your team to provide hands on guidance. At Geant Technology we have spent years providing unbiased recommendations and guidance to assist our customers in delivering high quality software with fewer defects. Hence, providing our clients a competitive edge to innovate and deliver fast in an ever changing technology marketplace.


Our methodology conforms with the agility of today’s cloud and modularity of microservices technologies. Our Engineers assist in developing API based applications, configuration management, continuous testing, continuous integration, containerized deployment, disaster recovery, performance and security testing to facilitate the adoption of microservices.

Building a Robust Microservice Platform

There are various best practices that are to be followed when building applications using a microservice architecture. Outlined here are some of these best practices:

1. Keep Applications Micro and Loosely Coupled

Services should be loosely coupled, developed and deployed independently and have defined interfaces and APIs to integrate well with other services.

2. Organize Applications in a 3-Tier Architecture

Micro-applications should be organized around business capabilities and separation of concerns by keeping presentation layer, control plane, and data plane separate.

3. Service Registry

The service registry is a database with a REST API populated with information on how to dispatch requests to microservice instances.

Technology Partners

Investing in stable and cutting edge technologies enable us to provide solutions that are secure, innovative, and user friendly.

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