Cloud Systems Monitoring

Monitor, optimize, and scale every cloud application while collecting performance metrics, audits and security trails of the IT infrastructure they are running on.

Systems Monitoring & Audit

Our EvoMonit® monitoring solution inspects your entire IT infrastructure, collects performance metrics, audits and security trails, and raises alerts to keep you informed.

Built-in modules to collect metrics for almost all IT Systems.
Real-time access to relevant data such performance metrics, availaibility, and disk space usage.
Alerts and notifications to provide insightful health alarms to keep Systems Administrators informed 24h/7.
Advanced Intrusion Detection system for file and directory integrity checker.
Interactive visualizations and dashboards to monitor everything in real time.

Applications Monitoring

Application Platform Monitoring along with advanced observability and AI-assistance, enable teams to automate operations, release faster, and deliver better software that works efficiently.

Built-in agents for application performance and health management.
Get full visibility into modern applications performance.
Analyze and explore log data in services, applications, and platforms.
Proactively monitor your user experience through end-to-end user experience visibility.

Technology Use Cases

Our Cloud, Systems, and Application Monitoring solutions can be leveraged to provide insights when dealing with platforms, services, applications, and IT infrastructures.
Systems Monitoring
Zabbix monitoring solution for IT Infrastructure.
Icinga monitoring solution for IT Infrastructure.
Prometheus metrics, alerting, and monitoring solution.
Platform Monitoring
Kubernetes platform and workload monitoring.
Red Hat OpenShift platform monitoring.
Rancher Platform monitoring.
Docker Platform monitoring.
Applications Monitoring
Cloud applications monitoring.
Big Data applications monitoring.
Backend applications monitoring.
Frontend applications monitoring.
End-to-end applications tracing.
Cloud Monitoring Stack
Centralized Log Management Platform.
Prometheus + Grafana + Alertmanager Stack.
Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana Stack.
Graylog Centralized Log Management Stack.
Splunk SIEM, AIOps, Log Management Stack.

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