Cloud Automation

Optimize IT resource utilization and better plan for the unexpected through auto-scaling, blue-green deployment, and automated workflow.

Build, Manage, Operate, and Automate Cloud Deployments

Define your Infrastructure code once, ensure Idempotency in your configuration management, and run it anywhere, anytime, no matter how many environments.
Infrastructure as Code

Replace the traditional manual provisioning of IT infrastructure through admin consoles/GUI with a programming-based approach powered by our Infrastructure as Code recipes.

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Configuration Management

Our Configuration Management as code recipes can help turn your code delivery and applications configuration into manageable and repeatable processes that are battle tested and less error prone.

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Automate Infrastructure Provisioning

Work with our team of DevOps experts to get your entire tech stack deployed on any Infrastructure as a Service using best practises and battle-tested code written in Terraform, Go, Python, and Bash.

Immutable Environment

We leverage tools like Terraform/Terragrunt, Packer, and Anaconda to create baked images of critical applications to deploy in an air gapped environment.

Cloud Environment

Our Infrastructure as Code recipes can help ensure consistent resource creation and management in your private and/or public Cloud.

Automate Code Delivery

Production-ready applications need better processes in place to ensure consistent code delivery from development environment, to staging, quality assurance, and production pipeline.

1. Idempotency in Configuration Management Scripts

We take pride in making sure our configuration management scripts can run multiple times and produce the desirable result.

2. Reusable Design and Best Practises

We follow industry and tooling best practises to ensure modular design and reusability.

3. Continuous Integration/Deployment Pipelines

We use continuous integration and deployment pipelines to ensure consistency and self-service.

Technology Partners

Investing in stable and cutting edge technologies enable us to provide solutions that are secure, innovative, and user friendly.

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