ERP Solution

Manage your finances, customers, inventories, and human resources with a complete digital solution that is user friendly.

EvoSAP® SaaS

Our EvoSAP® software as a service solution provides tools like CRM, billing, accounting, inventory management, human resources and talents acquisition that companies need to operate.

Finance and Accounting Apps
Human Resources Apps
Personnel Information Management
Assets and Inventory Management
Intranet Information Management

Billing Solutions

Fast, secure, and flexible way to get paid for your services.

Invoices & Billing Applications
Point of Sales Solutions
Integration of Mobile Wallets
Integrated eCommerce Payment Processor
Multi-Currency Accounts

Technology Use Cases

Manage your finances, customers, inventories, and human resources with complete digital solutions that are user friendly.
Customer Management
CRMs and Customer Service
helpdesk/Tickets Management System
Forum/Community Portals
Newsletters, eMarketting, and Social Media
Solutions for Sales
Invoices, Billing, Quotations Apps
Hardware and Software Point of Sales
Online Payment Gateways
Mobile Payment Gateways
Accounting Software
Productivity Tools
Project Planning, Scheduling, and Budgetting
Tasks Management and Teams Collaboration
Development Tools for Agile Teams
Product Roadmap and Release Planning
Private Code Repositories
Solutions for Operations
HR Management System
Payroll Management System
Time/Attendance Management
Intranet Information Management
Inventory/Assets Management
Insurance/Benefits Management System

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