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We help businesses adopt secure On-Premise and Public Cloud Technologies for the Next Gen Workforce.

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Key Products and Services

New digital transformation and development shifts such as cloud computing, automation, and DevOps have made it possible to harness the full capabilities of IT systems and drive efficiencies in IT systems management.

On-Premises and Hybrid Cloud

Having a Cloud strategy that works for your business is key to technology transformation. Let's work together to help deliver on your next On-Premise or Hybrid Cloud project.

Reliable hardware with built-in redundancy.
High specifications: ECC RAMs, SSD Drives, Fast CPUs, RAID Controllers.
Resilient architecture for fail-safe and self-healing.
Intelligent failover and fast recovery in case of catastrophic failure.
Embbedded with customized cloud applications for operational and monitoring support.

Ease IT Management and Reduce Human Errors

Have more predictable updates, patches, and release cadences by defining an automated framework based on Configuration as Code and Infrastructure as Code.

Key Tools: Hashicorp, Jfrog, and Sonatype tools suite, Ansible, Chef, SaltStack, GitLab, Jenkins, Gradle ...
Well defined pipelines with minimal human interraction: Development, Staging, Quality Assurance, Production.
SLIs/SLOs metrics for continuous improvement and shared visibility.
Automated Workflow

95% of breaches are caused by human error

We provide a wide range of hardware and software solutions to ensure physical, technical, and administrative safeguards for your most valuable assets or information.

Assets Tracking with GPS, GPRS, and LBS.
Physical controls with surveillance cameras, badge and biometric access.
Technical controls with encryption, access control, multi-factor authentication, file integrity and auditing.
Administrative controls centered around the human component with security processes, training, and disaster recovery plans..

Cloud-native Application Development

Part of digital transformation requires re-engineering application stacks to enable modularity, microservices, and API driven communication. Here at Geant Technology, our engineering team can provide expert support in designing, implementing, and migrating monolithic applications to microservices running on Kubernetes or OpenShift.

Hyperconverged Cloud Infrastructure

To increase the adoption of Private Cloud Infrastructure, we provide self-hosted Clusters capable of running business applications, security and collaboration tools, to support your IT Operations.
Hyperconverged Cloud Infrastructure
Virtual Machines PaaS

Virtual Machines Platform as a Service is a computing platform that offers process isolation and dedicated ressources for the needs of critical applications.

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Kubernetes PaaS

Kubernetes Containers as a Service is a complete software stack for teams adopting microservices and containers as their application deployment model.

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EvoCloud PaaS

EvoCloud®: On-Premise Cloud Solution

Geant Tech EvoCloud solution is an innovative approach of embedded cloud and SaaS that enables companies to leverage cloud applications in an air gapped environment.

Digital Branding

Building an online identity for your business is also important as building product awareness. But in order to send consistent and relatable messages, marketing strategy needs a strong brand on which to stand.

1. Content design

We add more eye catching, meaning, and weight to your digital content to produce intuitive design targeted towards all screens.

2. Digital marketing

We study your competition, optimize your content for search engine discoverability, and set your business up to win every location and Google search queries.

3. Corporate videos

Corporate videos greatly help increase brand awareness, support corporate culture, and showcase product and service launch.

Digital Branding

Technology Partners

Investing in stable and cutting edge technologies enable us to provide solutions that are secure, innovative, and user friendly.